Kiara's Page


Kirsty at her wedding

Kiara's Mum

Picture taken when Kiara was just this twinkle in her mother's eye.

The good old days when parenthood was not a burden!

K with Kiara

Mother and baby, both in good form, on the day of the birth.

The New Baby

Kiara was born 03/05/00, in Nairobi.

Proud parents just a few hours after the birth.

Kiara at about five weeks

Looking well and wrapped up as if she were here, 52 degrees north, instead of on the equator!


Sharing a Joke!

About 16 weeks

Beginning to laugh and share a joke when not asleep.

Even beginning to grow hair!

Sound asleep

Up to Mischief

About 6 months

Well co-ordinated and wishing that I was more mobile!

Happy to See You


Dressed for the Winter Snow

The snow was over a foot deep outside.

This was me all dressed up to go out and play, for the first time ever, in the fluffy white stuff.

Getting to be a big girl now. Can nearly stand by myself!





Kiara of the North