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This is the 'original' horse, a pure Arab with a perfect temperament, but not a novice ride. An endurance horse of 'Silver Thistle' standard. Babies and poverty resulted in him acquiring a new owner but we still see him.


Sha Streak

Working at home after his winter clip.

The practice paid off as in the year of this picture he was the Reserve Champion of the Ridden Hunter Classes at our County Show, and obviously the Small Hunter Champion

Scottish Regional Group AHS

At the Arab Show at Fishcross.

On this occasion he was in good form. He was the top points winner in the whole show and also qualified for a major Show down south.

This is Pippa Fisher on board.


Strathmore & District Show

Sha again at Brechin Castle in better weather than the Angus Show had had the week previous.

Champion Small Ridden Hunter [15.2 hh]. Now eight years with a lifetime height certificate.

Standing second

A Ladybank Show

Sha again. Second in the Small Ridden Hunter class. This is his late summer bright colour in good sunshine.

Jane Welsh is the rider.

Ridden at Ladybank
Sha at Edinburgh

At the Royal Highland Show [June 1999], in the Intermediate Hunter class. Note the nice extension in trot. Also the quality of the weather - Sha is a 'good weather' horse!

This is Jane on-board.

Sha at the Lanark Show (2000)

At the Lanark Show (now held in Fife) - in May 2000 he was Champion Intermediate Horse. It is clear that he quite enjoys being the 'focus' of attention!

At the Lanark Show in the previous year [May 1999] he was Reserve Champion Intermediate Horse and so qualified for the Intermediate Hunters at Peterburgh. Both times ridden by Jane.

First Ridden Public Show

Wiczard [Izzi]

At Alyth Show [1998] on his first ever outing as a Ridden Anglo-Arab. Aged 4 years.

Izzi in 1998

Schooling in our own menage. Quite early in the year [May] learning to be a ridden horse.

Izzi at 4 years

Spring 1998 - Izzi

Wiczard [Izzi]

In the Spring[1998] getting ready for his first ever outing as a Ridden Anglo-Arab. Aged 4 years.


The new, pure Arabian mare, photographed in 2003 at the age of 5 years.

Sha ridden by his real Owner

This is the Angus County Show at Arbroath, before the move to Brechin Castle grounds. Sha was Champion Small Hunter.

Even more remarkable - he beat the large hunter to become the overall Hunter Champion of the Show!!

Jumping in Working Riding Horse Class

Fourth in Britain

In 1999 Sha qualified several times for the Royal Peterborough Show.

In this class he was placed fourth. This was the working phase of the The Ridden Intermediate Working Horse.

Interbranch Dressage

Rather a wet day!

Sha was first on after the rain delay and even with studs was slipping badly. Despite that he was fourth, with really good marks until he lost his footing. Picked up to sevens again by the end of the test.

BSPS Royal Peterborough Show

BSPS - Peterborough 2000

Did not catch the Judges eye this year despite the extension shown here, but he had been quite ill with an allergic cough.  The 'ventipulmin' cured the cough but modified his mind.  Not so laid-back now and flies his tail like a real Arab.  Since then he has had a major allergic skin eruption.