DOGs Pages


Dog called Ebby


My number one dog, half Alsatian and half Collie. That means that I went and got her and brought her home.

Faithful, reliable (usually) and intelligent.

A great athlete and a beautiful mover.

Died with a spinal tumour in 2004.


Our number two dog. She chose us - having been beaten-up and abandoned in the country by her previous owners.

Because of her past experience she is an asset to us as a very effective guard dog. In the home, with those that she knows and trusts, she is very affectionate.

Now has serious arthritis, partly because of her previous traumas.


L & G's number one dog. In so far as he was bought first.

He is big, powerful, loud and athletic.

Like Honey - now slow and sore.


L & G's number two dog; bought to keep Hooch company.

He is bright, quiet and sensible and would work all day.

 sticks Sweep

Sweep again

He is so enthusiastic about work that he can run and fetch and carry all the other dog's sticks as well as his own.

This picture was taken in high summer, note the warmth of the light compared to the above, colder pictures!